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When I completed my first documentary, Dolphin Boy, in 2011, I was invited to screen it in a few kibbutzim and small community events. At first, I would arrive at the end of the screening to answer questions – what's known as Q&A.

Over time I discovered that meeting and engaging with the audience before and after the screening added a lot of value, and I began looking at the lectures which accompany my films as an important component that completes and enriches the viewing experience.


I developed, and still am developing, a series of lectures that are suited to the specific audience in front of which I'm performing. In the past decade, I've given over 1,300 lectures. I found myself speaking in front of executives in large corporations and organizations, at big conferences attended by psychologists, judges, neuroscientists and physicians, at prisons, retirement homes, high schools and middle schools, museums, theaters and film festivals, in Israel and around the world. I've also set out on a number of successful tours in the USA, Canada and Europe, visiting several Jewish film festivals, community centers, and congregations along the way.


Storytelling and documentary filmmaking are my ways to communicate, share my message, and provide value. They expand the mind and heart, connect people, teach, and inspire us.


"Life is not what one lived, but what one remembers and how one remembers it in order to recount it", once said the Noble Prize-winning Columbian author Gabriel García Márquez. So I choose to tell stories of hope and aspiration. Stories of redemption and liberation. Stories in which light breaks through the pain, fear, and hardship.


I would love to perform in front of your community or organization too.


* Due to COVID-19 I am also available for online screenings

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  קולנוע תיעודי ככלי  טיפולי  

An injury I suffered during the Second Lebanon War led me to become involved in films in which the protagonist has undergone severe trauma. In an effort to find answers to the challenges I was met with during my work with these protagonists, I began working together with the psychologist Yoram Ben Yehuda, who wrote a therapeutic protocol on the topic of "documentary filmmaking as part of a therapeutic process". As part of our cooperation, we implemented this protocol in a few docutherapy projects.

This lecture, which is accompanied by one of my films that deals with trauma, has been given at many universities and colleges in Israel, in front of professional organizations such as NATAL (Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center), The Israel Psychological Association, as well as at conferences for psychiatrists, social workers, prison officers and medical staff.

I recently gave a talk on the topic at TedX, happy to share it with you:

Stories from the end

of the world 

In this lecture I take you on a journey to the most remote place on earth and the deepest places in the human soul. Through personal stories and rare visual materials, I share insights and questions I've collected along the way.


Following an injury that I suffered during my reserve duty in the Second Lebanon War, my professional career took an unexpected turn and I began making documentaries about posttraumatic growth and empowerment. Most of my films are about the connection between man and nature, and about physical and spiritual journeys in search of hope and redemption. 

  הרצאות מותאמות אישית  

ניתן לפנות אלינו לקבלת מידע על הרצאה מותאמת אישית - הן מבחינת התוכן והן מבחינת האורך.

ההרצאה מבוססת על החומרים הנ"ל, ניתן לשלב בה סרט או קטעים מתוך הסרטים.

For bookings, questions and other details, please contact:

Almog - +972-52-8853854

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