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white Special Mention Award - BOSIFEST F


- Santa Monica Mirror


- Economic Times


- Variety

הר מושלג, רקע העמוד
לוגו יונתן ניר סרטים

Yonatan Nir is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and internationally acclaimed speaker. His films Dolphin Boy, Cutting the Pain, The Essential Link: The Story of Wilfrid Israel and Picture of His Life were broadcast on the world's leading TV channels, viewed by millions of people in over 60 countries, and won several awards in prestigious international film festivals.

In addition to his work as a director and producer, Nir has built his reputation as an experienced and sought-after speaker, and until today has given over 1,300 lectures in front of diverse audiences in Israel and around the world. 

In his inspiring lectures, which are based on his films and tailored according to the specific audience's interests, he speaks about documentary filmmaking as a catalyst for social change and personal growth, he speaks about ethics, aesthetics and everything in between, and shares behind the scenes stories from complex productions in extreme shooting locations, which require coping with uncertainty, frustration and fear, but also require teamwork, patience and hope.

Over the years, Nir has spoken in front of over 130,000 high school and university students, at conferences in front of judges, physicians, psychologists and social workers, at large organizations, high-tech companies and special events around the world, among them at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, the Holocaust Museum in Montreal, and the UN Headquarters in Vienna.

He opened 2020 off with a lecture on documentary filmmaking as a tool for coping with trauma, at TedXSavyon.

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